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Search Engine Optimization

Clean Code

With search engines there is no one-size- fits-all solution. We do our part to keep your site loading quickly and use the latest web standards. While web standards alone might not get your site to the top of the list our straight forward approch will keep your rank steadly improving and keep you from getting rejected from search engines.

Unique Content

Search engines love unique and organized content and appropriately placed key words. We will take care of the key words but we do not provide copy writing services here at Ride For The Brand. We can recommend an excellent team of copy writers to insure your clients are engaged when they visit your site.

Campaign Monitor Reports

Google Analytics

By utilizing Google Analytics on every site we develop, we are able to offer clients insight into the type of traffic their site is receiving and ideas on how to strengthen their marketing efforts and create more conversations.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

We also use analytics to see how much traffic your site gets,, where it comes from, how many users are converting, and where improvements can be made.