Our Process

Stick to the Timeline

We engage you, the client, to find what you are looking for so we can put together the plan that best suits your needs and meets your objectives. Once engaged, we start to gather research and information from stakeholders, customers, users and competitors to craft your perfect site.
We construct your ideal team based on your needs, creative talents and technical skills. Then, the team goes to work to complete your brand profile. Armed with your brand information, research and a well thought-out creative brief, the team launches into creative development to execute your vision.
Once your site design is approved, our team will work to build out the rest of your site and move into development and coding. You’ll see your site come to life through our development site as work is completed. We welcome feedback at any time as we work with you hand-in-hand.
When you have approved your site we don’t just move to the launch phase, we run a series of tests to make sure that once the site is launched it will be glitch free. We perform a quality check to make sure all parts work as intended, test the site on numerous platforms, verify links and then, launch your perfect site. Ah, the beauty!