Learn About Leddy's

Founded in 1922, M.L. Leddy’s is a true cowboy’s one-stop-shop for quality western gear. M.L. Leddy began his business in Brady, TX. When business picked up in 1936, the family moved to San Angelo. High demand pushed Leddy to open a second location in the Stockyards in 1941. Today, the company continues under the ownership of the Leddy family. With 85 years of experience under their belts, trust us when we say these are the finest boots in all of Texas.

Ranging from from chaps to rhinestone studded belts, Leddy’s has something for everyone. Lucky for us, they’re only a hop skip from our office. Come visit us in the Stockyards – and while you‘re here, pick up somethin’ to last a lifetime from M.L. Leddy’s.

“With 85 years experience under their belt,
trust us when we say these are the
the finest boots in all of Texas.”